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Why use Linear Browser Component (LBC) ?

Web browser has become synonym with the internet and World Wide Web. Nothing can be accessed on the internet without a web browser application e.g., Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera etc. With the passage of time web browser became essential part of many software and a strong need developed to integrate web browser functionality into other applications.

Different vendors started producing independent web browser components to be integrated into other applications as required.

A problem emerged from the fact that every web browser component follows a particular set of rules to interpret the formation of markup contents.

The work presented here is about the development of a new web browser component named Linear Browser Component (LBC). The new functionality of linear browsing provided in this component is based on the similar functionality presented in NotJustBrowsing¬ģ .

This component (LBC) with additional features is to be produced around well established browser components i.e., Trident, Gecko, WebKit.

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